The Revolution is here!

For years cannabis connoisseurs world wide have been searching for the perfect cone.
We are proud to introduce the Smokebuddy cone!

The Cone

The SmokeBuddy cone is made with our new revolutionary PerfectPack™ functionality,
 to ensure that you’ll never have to smoke a wobbly joint ever again.

Fill It

Twist It

Pack It

Play Video

100% Biodegradable

At SmokeBuddy we care deeply about our planet.
This is why our cone is made from the finest unbleached,
FSC-certified rice paper with natural vegan gum.

 All of our production is by default no-additive,
 non-GMO and gluten-free:


Soy Ink

Our filtertips are printet with natural soy ink

Conical Shape

Our cone got the natural conical shape

Real size mixtray

Is included in every 5 pack

Package on the run

Use your pack for transportation

Danish design

Origins from the freetown Christiania

FSC Certified

of course

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