SmokeBuddy has been your friend for a long time and still has your back.
This community can only be done with your help.

We are all part of the culture and together we can create the best platform when it comes to weeden's wonderful world.

As always, in the app you can share observations from the public space, but we are now taking the SmokeBuddy universe to a whole new level - with you.

You will now be able to share recipes, growing tips and seek advice from other SmokeBuddies.

At the same time, we are also opening up a brand new webshop where we exclusively carry hand-picked products, as well as our own environmentally friendly product line, tested by SmokeBuddies like you.

At SmokeBuddy, it's all about you and your experiences - along with all the other SmokeBuddies.
That is why we always strive to present you with the best experiences both physically and digitally.

In short, SmokeBuddy is of you, for you - It's a social thing.