At SmokeBuddy we care deeply about product development, user experience and our planet.This is why our line of rolling equipment, is made from unbleached, FSC-certified paper with natural vegan gum. We are proud to say that all of our products are 100% biodegradable as we understand the demand of the modern user. As an example, we have perfected the natural cone. For years’ cannabis connoisseurs worldwide, have been searching for the perfect cone.
The revolution is finally here!
We have created a brand-new style of natural cones, especially designed to give you a smoother hit.
The SmokeBuddy cone is made with our new and unique PerfectPack™ functionality to ensure that you´ll never have to smoke a wobbly joint ever again!
You just “Fill it, Twist it, Pack it” for the best experience all the way.
SmokeBuddy is made by users, for your pleasure and with the environment in mind.
Keep an eye out for SmokeBuddy products.
We are the new kid on the block. Ready to rock the world and disrupt the establishment on modern rolling equipment.

As we like to say - It’s a Social Thing